It’s no secret that Matt and Jeff Hardy love to have a good time outside of the ring. At times, it got them into some serious trouble. In one instance, Jeff was kicked off a plane after he was apparently too intoxicated. According to Jeff, he’d been much worse in many other situations while flying. The Hardys enjoyed sharing a glass with their fellow wrestlers at the airport before heading back home. They also loved going out, and they lived the life of rock stars at times. Some wrestling fans believe that Jeff’s constant partying cost him a shot at being the face of the company. Despite this, Jeff has managed a great career, and wrestling fans would love to see him have one final stint with the WWE. According to Jeff, this is a strong possibility.


#12) Charlotte, Strowman and Mojo Breaking Character

This certainly is a rare pic of these former NXT alumni members (Charlotte and Strowman). The picture of these 3 was taken during their time with the WWE’s developmental brand of NXT. No surprise to see Mojo partying it up, and if you saw the WWE Network show Breaking Ground, you know Rawley is quite the party animal outside of the ring. Many tend to forget that Strowman was ever with NXT, this is due to that fact that Braun wrestled one match for the brand and was later called up to the main roster as a member of the Wyatt Family.
#11) Jericho and Kelly Kelly Partying It Up

Not very surprising to see Jericho hitting up a bar or club, as Chris is known to be one of the biggest party animals in all of the WWE. After all, the guy is a wrestler/ musician, so the odds are he likes to party. Jericho has shared a beer with practically everyone; stories range from Y2J getting the bosses son Shane McMahon hammered, to getting so intoxicated at a hotel with Cena that John had to tuck him into bed. Jericho recalls waking up, tucked in neatly and seeing John still pounding down some beers from a cooler that was given to them by the hotel bar. In this picture, Jericho is seen with Kelly Kelly, and the two seem rather close. The next entry on this list shows you just how close
#10) Jericho and Kelly Kelly Arrive Together

Hitting the clubs together and arriving to shows with one another, the rumor mill was running wild after this shot of the two arriving together was leaked online. What made the situation so controversial was the fact that Jericho is married to his wife of 16 years, Jessica Lockhart. The couple also share three children. Despite the leaked pictures of the two together in various clubs, the speculation and rumor mill slowly died down.
#9) Maryse and Jack Swagger

Before Maryse met The Miz, she was rumored to be dating WWE superstar Jack Swagger. The two broke into the business at the same time; Maryse signed her first deal with the company on August 24th, 2006 and Swagger signed his first deal with the company a couple of months later. The two were both sent to the WWE’s former developmental territory of OVW, and as you probably can imagine, this is where the two future WWE stars met. As you can see from the picture, the two grew very close to one another during their time with the WWE’s developmental brand.
#8) A Young Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella Partying It Up
Not surprising that Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan first hooked up after having a couple of dr!nx. Things got awkward however, when Sheamus walked in on them just before things were about to go down. That night turned into a close relationship between the two, one they still hold to this very day. Wrestlers in this picture include Brie, Daniel, Eva Torres, Alicia Fox, The Miz, Chris Jericho, Zack Ryder, Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes, Nikki Bella and Kelly Kelly.
#7) Matt, Nikki, Punk and Eve

He’s a picture you probably thought you’d never see. A baby-faced looking Nikki Bella alongside CM Punk, Eve Torres and Matt Hardy. Nikki made her debut with the main roster in 2008, she was only 25 at the time. No surprise to see CM Punk with some of the Divas, as he was quite the player behind the scenes. Punk was often seen partying it up with Divas following shows (keep in mind Punk is not a dr!nk3r). After he met AJ Lee though, his partying days were put to rest.
#6) The Undertaker Breaks Character
Since his debut with the WWE all the way back in 1990, the WWE has kept this tremendous mystique factor when it comes to the gimmick that he has perfected for years now. When you see a picture like this, you can’t help but to marvel at the fact that Taker is a normal human being outside of the ring, even though there is no wrestler in the world that had dedicated more to his gimmick than this guy. In this picture, you can see he’s just a normal guy enjoying life wearing some scuba gear.
#5) Kane Breaks Character
Just like The Undertaker, it’s very rare to see Kane break character. This picture was taken prior to a press conference, and Kane was later seen in his full head of hair, from his attire, to his mask and wig. At the age of 48, Kane is starting to take more of a prominent role backstage with the company. After 21 years as a wrestler for the WWE, Kane is slowly making a transition into the front office.
#4) Roman Before The Madness
What the WWE doesn’t want you to see is the madness behind the calm before the storm. For every Roman Reigns entrance, there is literally a team of WWE reps that accompany Roman to his entrance point. Before unveiling the curtain, Reigns is surrounded by a flock of WWE fans trying to desperately get his attention. Talk about extra pressure before going out and performing in the ring.
#3) Sheamus All Dressed Up

First off, I have no clue what or who Sheamus is trying to portray in this photo. This picture also includes former WWE wrestler Drew McIntyre. The two grew very close with another after breaking into the business at the same time. Drew and Sheamus both spent time in the WWE’s developmental system of FCW before finally making their way onto the main roster.
#2) Brock Lesnar and Dana White
Here’s a picture the WWE wants you to forget about. Lesnar left his mark with the WWE’s rival company, UFC. Brock was must see TV for the UFC, and he took part in most of the company’s highest grossing PPV events, including UFC 100, the highest selling event in the company’s history. In 2010, Brock became the highest paid fighter in the UFC, and he also made ESPN’s list of the highest paid athletes in the world. With all this being said, I’m sure the WWE want their fans to completely forget this ever happened.
#1) Party Boy John
It’s no secret, John loved to have fun during his time on the road. This ultimately cost him his marriage with his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau. According to a number of former wrestlers, Cena cheated on his wife during his time on the road with the company. According to other sources, the two got a divorce after a dispute over a home they purchased. Following their split, Cena began to date WWE Diva Nikki Bella. Since the two began to date, Cena cut his partying time and became much more of a professional away from the camera.


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