Staying organized is the key to keeping your home neat, tidy, and functional. Even if you don't consider yourself a stickler when it comes to organization, there are things you can do around your home that are not only simple, but can prove to be extremely helpful. Whether you need a quick and easy way to store crafting supplies or are sick and tired of looking for chargers and power cords for your favorite devices, buckling down and figuring out the best way to organize common household hurdles can relieve stress and improve the functionality of your home. 
For inspiration that you can use to bring a little bit of organization into your life, check out the list of ideas below! 

1. Use Chalk

Help your kids keep their clothes organized by using chalk paint on their dressers and labelling each drawer with its corresponding garment!

2. Paint Chip Dry Erase Calendar

Never lose track of appointments and special occasions again with this DIY calendar project.

3. Use A Pegboard For Hats

Baseball caps aren't cheap, and if they're one of your favorite accessories, you should proudly displaythem! Also, getting them out of your closet frees up space for other things to be stored.

4. Embroidery Hoop Thread Rack

By using an embroidery hoop to store your spools of thread, you'll never have to dig through a sewing box for the right color ever again!