World can be a heaven for some people while it can be the worst of hell in the very same time for others. It completely depends on the scenario you are in and the mental situation you are in. If it is your gut feeling or you simply have felt a change, you by now know that there is something bad going or coming to the way of your relationship. So, it surely is the time for you to find out whether it is the case or not as we highly assume that it will be the case that you are thinking of right now!


The word “caring” has gone far away from her personality for you and the relationship. In earlier days, she used to care everything about you; from where you are to what are you having for lunch but now she does not even care if you are late for any day as she simply does not ask for any clarifications anymore. Even though you might be living together, but the feeling that you are getting would be that you two are quite distant!
Until recently, she never cared about leaving her phone around you or anywhere else in the house but now, you may not be finding it anywhere else other than her hand. It is a big red flag for you because she simply would not want to leave any chance for you to know that she is cheating on you. By this time, you need to be curious and should start planning your life without her!

It simply is not the $ex that she has been avoided for so long, it is also the normal and usual cuddles, holding of each other’s hand that does not get in to the list of affection anymore. But we will remind you that before jumping into the conclusions, you need to understand that this can also happen because of some depression or simply because of lower self-esteem. So, do not directly jump into conclusions and accuse her of something that she is not guilty of!
One of the most major signs of a women cheating is that she is suddenly acting really weird when it is her birthday month. She starts to get agitated for no reason and does not want you to be around her. This all antsy acting of her on this time of the year should alarm a sound in your head for sure!
Appearance can surely be an another reason. If all of a sudden she has been hitting on the gym and has been going to the parlor more often then you should know that something is very wrong here. If she is now looking $exier than ever or simply has groomed herself without telling or giving you any reason upon asking then you should know that there is something fishy in the store for you.
Hanging out with her female friends is the most common reason she would state for night outs and you surely would never be invited for those as she would always come up saying that “it is a girl’s night out”. But remember, that no girl in the world would simply hangout too many times with her female friends alone. She behind your back would simply be banging any other guy for sure!

Whenever you bring up the topic of the “future” in front of her, she tries to change it or tries to indulge in activities and act like that she has not heard about it. If that has been the case lately after having spent a lot of year with her then you are in for a trouble my friend!
Putting her blame on yours can be one of the most daunting things that you would hear. If all of a sudden, she starts sounding a bit catchy then you are in for a doom. She simply would be covering her dirt by throwing it on your face. There is one thing here that we would like to advice you and that is to start looking for a new girl because it is just not a very good sign.
If you are finding her underwear collections to getting $exier with each passing week then it might be the final clue you had needed. In order to bring out the best in her, she simply would take help of her lady parts and what better way to expose herself other than through $exy inner wear!

She being defensive on trivial matters was the last thing that you were waiting for. Even a small question like, how was her day or how did the night go would make her mad about it and you in return would get a very stern reply!


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