We’re all different in shape, size, thoughts and mind set. But one thing that doesn’t change is the reaction to awkward situations. Here are 10 such instances of people caught in extremely awkward situations. Like the boy in the public transport, or the one with his eyes at a very awkward view! Check out the images and do compare your reactions with your friends. You’ll know how similar your reactions are....!

1) What is this boy doing? Shameless Act got caught!

2) Doing such things in public transport is not acceptable man!

3) If you know where is he staring!

4) Baby Elephant having Fun!

5) Is she jealous of her bu$ty figure?

6) Watching this at the workplace or college is punishable!

7) Stop the car or else she would get hurt.

8) Naughty boy caught on the camera!

9) After all, men will be men!

10) Even small boys can't stop their eyes!



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