Somewhere in South Korea, a Labrador suffered horrific injuries at one dog slaughterhouse and was left to die. Fortunately, she was able to recover and can be seen smiling as a way of being grateful.

They hung Chi Chi upside down and force fed her for a number of days so that her meat can be tender, something that left her in agony.
As revealed by Monique Hanson from ARME (Animal Rescue, Media and Education,) since she was hung for a long time, the bindings pierced through her body.  It appeared that she was literally hanging from the bones.
Chi Chi was finally dumped by the slaughterhouse when they saw her injuries and concluded she could not be fit for consumption. That is when the incident was discovered by ARME and the rescue made.
They found her in a very popular location in South Korea. Monique proceeded and said that the rescue was based on pure luck.
Chi Chi had the willingness to leave and did not let her horrifying past to pin her down. When her rescuers noted that, they made the risk of amputating her limbs so as to ensure she survived.

With her fighting spirit, her journey to recovery is in the right direction.
It is time to try the prosthetic paws and learn how to walk and run properly
She has finally found somewhere to call home, somewhere in Arizona, US and is happy.
She is taking everything as it comes and has not forgotten to be loving, and playful despite what she has gone through.

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