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There’s been a set of viral Shampoo Pranks circulating across the internet and getting a lot of visibility lately and we aren’t surprised. The basic idea of pouring shampoo on an unsuspecting stranger’s head while they’re taking a shower is undeniably funny..

HoomanTV has been getting a lot of visibility lately through their Public Shampoo Pranks! He uploaded the first part of the shampoo prank back in January, 2016 and immediately got the internet interested in what he was doing. Since then, he’s uploaded a total of 4 parts of the Shampoo Prank, which have all gone viral.
Adding another one to this series of Shampoo pranks, he just uploaded Part 4, and trust me, it’s hilarious AF!

How the girls reacted : 
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Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.20.32 PM

What Hooman says about these Shampoo Pranks : “We started our shampoo pranks a few months ago on YouTube and they have been super popular with you and the internet and have gone viral on Facebook, on Twitter, on TV and even here on YouTube in funny vine compilations or prank compilation videos! Shampooing people prank part 4 girls version is finally here! During part 3 we only got a chance to use fake blood in the public showers on one person and you guys went crazy and asked us to use more on the next prank. So we did! We headed back to the beach again. This video was going to be a girl’s edition so we had to try and catch hot girls in bikinis taking a shower at the beach. It wasn’t easy as it’s still not summer here in California but after waiting long and boring hours we finally started getting some funny reactions! Part 2 never ending shampoo was also a girl’s edition and it was very fun to make as girls would have much different reactions than guys to the never ending shampoo or the fake blood! Of course the views on the girl’s version was a lot higher than guy’s version clearly because girls have sexy butts and boobs and you guys seem to really enjoy that. Haha! We did go after and find every girl we pranked just so we can let them know that it was a prank and they totally loved the prank idea!
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