At only 18-years-old, Mike Brodie left the comforts of home for 5 long and dirty years of freight hopping. This romantic form of travel is thought to have died out ages ago, but Brodie proves it remains a rather eye-opening way to see the US from one side to the other.
It was 2004 when Brodie first set out with a Polaroid camera in hand; ready to document the incredible journey he was embarking upon. He captured a grungy, gritty and super real underworld that exists without most people's knowledge every day of the year.
Mike Brodie is a true free spirit in every sense of the word. Despite his huge successes from this project, which include a 'career making' critical acclaim from American art critic Vince Aletti, Brodie told The Guardian he's, "not really that big on photography."


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