Massage is important in fostering and maintaining youthful and radiant skin. Massage also helps regain the skin elasticity. Massaging with spoon is more effective because it creates a light pressure on skin and promotes blood flow. Also, massage with spoon can remove wrinkles, reshape the lines on your face and reduce eye puffiness.

Special thing in massage with spoon for 10 days can give you positive results like rejuvenating and make your skin soft and pink. When massaging you should combine with oils, for the skin to absorb their nutritions. When massaging with spoon, move it from chin up to cheeks, areas around eyes and chin. Also, massage with spoon from neck to chin can reshape chin and reduce oil at chin.
2Massage with spoon in 10 days will make you look younger

To achieve high efficiency care, you follow these steps:
– A stainless steel spoon
– A glass of water
– Some ice cubes
– Coconut oil (or olive oil) that was warmed in a small bowl.
– First, wash your face with cleanser and dry up.
– Soak the spoon into warm oil bowl.
– Massage the face with backside of the spoon.
Massaging techniques:
– When massaging, you should make light pressure, spread oil evenly.
– Move the spoon across your face, vertica chin to cheeks, from nose to forehead and repeat. For chin and below the eyes, move long the eyebrows direction, acrossforehead. Remember to not miss any spot.
– You should massage at least 10 minutes. However, try to increase the time and should be done daily.
– When the oil on spoon is used up, soak the spoon to the oil bowl again and continue.

You can treat eye puffiness, dark circles with spoon massage with the followings:
– Soak a clean spoon in a glass of ice water in one minute.
– Place backside of the spoon above and below the eyes in 5 minutes.

– When the spoon is no more cold, soak with ice water again and repeat the process until you see the significant difference.


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