Sex should be a beautiful union of two people, in aspects of the mind, body and spirit. There is a time and place for every style of love making.
Deciding how much of yourself you are comfortable expressing and sharing, in a fashion that is reciprocated and appreciated, can be difficult. Tantric sex is a method and philosophy behind what can be very pleasurable and nurturing in the bedroom.
Theses Eastern guidelines are meant as a tool for extending and maximizing pleasure while encouraging spiritual and mental connections between lovers.
"In Tantra, all faculties — physical, mental, emotional — are stimulated as strongly as possible, then controlled, to bring ever-higher pleasure." Source
Tantra has been practised for thousands of years, so the tips and techniques have been heavily refined. If you know someone that has a complicated relationship with sex or their bodies Tantra may be the perfect solution for them. It frees the act from social and personal stigmas, into a productive and nurturing experience.Below is a stepping stone to seeing if Tantra is right for you and yours.

Prepare the Space

Make sure the mood is right. Dim the lighting, light some candles and grab the body oil. The whole nine yards.

Prepare Yourself

Run through a checklist mentally, spiritually and physically. Have you let go of the day? Are you creating expectations? (If so squash them) Are you comfortable, not just physically but in a immaterial way as well?

Start Building Energy

Start clothed and by matching each other's breath. Maintaining eye contact deepen and extend your breath. Make sure the two of you are close proximity to each other.

Follow Steps In Order

  1. Once you have matched breath, exchange phrases of love and encouragement, ' I love you', 'I love ____ about you', etc
  2. Slowly start touching each other very gently. Move into a position called Yab-Yum, where the male sits cross legged and the female sits in his lap, legs wrapped around him.
  3. Keeping your breath synced kiss gently, continuing to breathe in tandem.
  4. You may opt for a full body massage if you like
  5. Begin to have intercourse, not breaking eye contact or losing track of combined breath


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