What happens when the little one outgrows the crib?

Many families simply store the crib away in the attic where it collects dust. But there are actually some awesome ways you can reuse an old crib to create something new and functional. Check out these awesome projects!


It’s It Glorious?

A storage hanger out of a crib? Yes! Very functional and keeps you tidy and organized. Here’s how to make it.
Learn how to make it yourself at creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com.

Clean Crafting

Use the same technique on your child’s crafting area as you see here. It’s easy to see that only-decoration.blogspot.com had the right idea!

Spice Up Your Kitchen

You can use crib grates as awesome kitchen racks to store pots, pans, and commonly used spices! Here’s how to make it.
Visit instructables.com to learn how!

Instant China Shelf

Simply take your crib bars and position and secure them sideways for a wonderful looking china shelf. Here’s how to make it : somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.

Simple Book And Magazine Racks

These are ideal for keeping your books and magazines not only organized, but readily available for a quick read.
You can even customize the racks according to the type of books your are going to use them for. Here’s how to make a Dr. Seuss shelf.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go (Or Things You’ll Read)

Make a Dr. Seuss-inspired shelf by following the steps at diyhshp.blogspot.com. Their love of reading will know no bounds when they have this cool shelf at their fingertips.

You Don’t Even Need To Hang It

Things can be even easier for you when you just sand down the corners and place the magazines over the wooden dowels! There’s no need to get any fancier than this.
See exactly how they did it at bluecricketdesign.net!

The Great Outdoors

Creative crib recycling projects are not just limited to the indoors. Check these out!
You can create a very cool rolling wagon which is ideal for those summer picnics. Here’s how to make one.

Rolling Away With The Family

Turn a crib into a rolling wagon by following the simple instructions at creatingbycami.blogspot.com. It’s perfect for a summer picnic or family get together!

A Garden Trellis

This thin-beamed crib received a major transformation as it got turned into a garden trellis! Too cool. Watch this helpful YouTube video to learn how it’s done!
ezgif.com-optimize (2)

Everything You’ll Need In A BBQ

Forget about doing the inside/outside back and forth shuffle when it comes to getting your BBQ on. This outdoor BBQ station is totally convenient and will make your grilling much more enjoyable! Here’s how to make it.
Learn how to make one for your own backyard by visiting consignmentsalequeen.net!

The Welcome Wagon

Show your guests the way with this easy-to-build chalkboard sign! You can make it in time for your next gathering by checking out the instructions at the-red-kitchen.com.

Don’t Bench These Cozy Chairs

Who would’ve thought that baby cribs can be used to make comfortable chairs and swings? Neither did we, but boy are they cute!

Fit Your Decor

Yes, you can actually make cozy chairs and cool looking swings with baby cribs! For a chair you simply remove a side then place some pillows and decorations around it. Here’s how they made it.
See how they made this pretty version at 2littlehooligans.com!

Sturdy And Beautiful

With some paint and pillows, you can make an old crib into a swing! Check out how they did it at lumberjocks.com.

Put Those Old Chains To Good Use

Here’s a swing which uses old rustic chains. Looks cool, right?

Even The Spring Can Be Put To Use

When it comes to cribs, don’t throw a single piece away! Even the old spring board can be used to make these cool crafts!

Let There Be Light

You can even use it to hang items from your kitchen ceiling! We love the eye-catching candles the geniuses at itsy-bits-and-pieces.blogspot.com decided to hang from theirs! What a neat idea.

Don’t Let Your Necklaces Get Tangled

A jewelry holder out of a crib is definitely doable! Just get some wood scraps and spray paint and you have a stylish jewelry holder! Check out even more flea market findings at farmgirlpaints.blogspot.com!

Let It Grow, Let It Grow!

You can actually use the springs to great effect. You can hang items with it which, as you can see, really gives a unique, transforming look to a room! Here’s how to do it.
See how to make it in your own home by visiting consignmentsalequeen.net!

Perfect Toddler Bed

So when they outgrow their crib, you can simply transform it into a toddler bed! Make one out of the crib itself by following the steps at machteld-embroidery.blogspot.com.
It also works as an adorable reading nook!

Turn A Toddler Bed Into A Cozy Dog Lair

Now once your toddler outgrows his or her toddler bed, then it gets passed on and becomes a dog bed!

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