You thought you will never gain back fat, didn’t you?
You’ve gained some weight and you can notice that on your back.
Let me say one thing: It’s not the end of the world.
I won’t lie it’s harder to get rid of it, but I know you are up for the challenge!
This whole “how to” post is all about your back fat.
When a problem pops up you need to do your best to find the proper solution.
I’ve tried to complete a full training resume for all of you to get that fat off your back.
I’m sharing this with you because 3 months ago my friend approached me saying that she messed up really bad.
I thought she killed someone or cheated her boyfriend, but turns out to be something else.
She completely forgot to pay attention on her back and it’s all messed up.
I did some research and completed the final training resume just for her.
Here we are now, 90 days later, and she is happy again.
That being done, I said to myself why not sharing this with all of you?
Who doesn’t want to look fit from any angle?
Let’s get it on!

First Month

Week 1

It’s important for you to prepare your body for what’s coming for the next 3 months.
Starting with something basic or as they say Beginner’s exercises is always the best.
I know you seek immediate results, but you just have to work to see them!
For beginner’s level do it like this:
– Perform every round for 1 minute with 45 seconds rest between rounds.

Day 1: Reverse Fly (Beginner’s Level – 4 Rounds)

Day 2: Standing Twist (Beginner’s Level – 4 Rounds)

Day 3: Alternating Superman (Beginner’s Level – 4 Rounds)

Day 4: Rest day or Yoga

Yes, you have to have a rest day. My friend was doing yoga because it helped her spiritually and helped her tighten up those loose ends on her body.
It came up pretty well!

Day 5: Seal Jumping Jacks (Beginner’s Level – 4 Rounds)

Day 6: Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows with a Twist

Day 7: REST

It’s Sunday, so go out for a walk with you family or friends!

To see the remaining workout sessions please visit the original post here. This article was republished with permission from Mama Bee.


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