Bunions are actually salt deposits. Their formation is triggered by influenza, tonsillitis, gout, poor metabolism, improper nutrition, rheumatic infection and wearing uncomfortable shoes.
Bunions on the feet are “a nightmare” for people: it is very difficult to find the appropriate footwear, they are irritating and hurtful; moreover – they give a very ugly appearance to legs.

Their operation is only a temporary solution. However, the traditional medicine has effective means to address this problem.
For a start, it is good to clean the body from salt deposits in the following manner:

1.In the evening, pour 300ml of water over a tablespoon of crushed bay leaves. Cook for 5 minutes in an enamel pot.
Then, place the mixture in a thermos and leave it until the morning.
In the morning strain the mixture and drink in small sips throughout the day (do not drink it all at once!)
Repeat the procedure for three days in a row, and prepare a fresh drink every night. Repeat the treatment after 7 days.
Do not be surprised if you have frequent need to urinate. That is a sign that the salt in the body has begun to dissolve and slightly irritate the bladder.
You will feel the result after ten days. You will feel a relief in the entire body, and the joint pain will disappear.

2.This recipe is also effective in the natural dissolving of stones in the bile and converting it into the sand.
This method of treatment will last about 2 months, and the bunions on your feet will disappear completely.
Take 5 large bay leaves, mince them and cover with 100 ml of 70% pure alcohol (or homemade brandy). Allow to stand for one week, and strain afterward.
Smear the bunions with the resultant mixture, but before that, it is necessary to steam your feet in warm water (3 liters of water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda).
Then pat your feet dry, apply the mixture, put on some short cotton socks and lie down.

3.Another excellent relieving tool in case of painful bunions, joints, and other growths is the mixture of iodine and aspirin.
Chop up 5 aspirins or Andols (200 mg) in 10 ml of iodine.
Shake until the aspirin is dissolved in iodine and becomes colorless.
Smear the painful places (ankles, aching joints and other growths) with this solution every night. After that, be sure to keep warm overnight. You will quickly feel the positive effects.

4.Plain soap relieves pain and inflammation in case of deformed bunions.
Shred some soap, apply it on the sore spot and massage the area. Rinse, pat dry and draw the foil with iodine. It would be best to dip a cotton bud in the povidone iodine, and draw a “net” over the bunions.
Simply cross over some horizontal and vertical lines, a centimeter apart from each other. The iodine is best absorbed in this way.
Allow the iodine to dry on the skin, and only then put on socks. The course of treatment is 30 days.

5.You can also apply a solution of lemon juice and iodine in the same proportions on the bunions, which is also effective in the case of “heel spurs” as well.
Be healthy!


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