Blood type 0 is our ancestors’, who were aggressive and cunning predators, primal blood type. Even to this day people who have this blood type play very important role in all societies. The leadership, ability to stay focused and energy are among the best qualities people with blood type O possess. They can be productive and powerful. However, when they are under lot of stress they can become angry, impulsive and hyperactive. Poor diet, unhealthy habits, lack of exercise or elevated levels of stress are making them more sensitive to adverse metabolic effects, such as obesity, low activity of the thyroid gland and insulin resistance. Your genetic inheritance allows you the opportunity to be productive, strong, have a long life and be optimistic.
What makes you unique?
People with blood type 0 are prone to get certain diseases, such as thyroid dysfunction and ulcers. Also, these people often have inadequate iodine and low levels of thyroid hormone. The first one is a chemical element whose role is regulating the thyroid hormones. Imbalance of thyroid hormones can cause numerous side effects such as fluid retention, fatigue and obesity.
If you have blood type 0 then you probably have higher levels of stomach acid compared to people with other blood types. This problem can often result in stomach ulcers and stomach irritation.
Blood type 0 has been associated with person’s type of personality for a long time in Japan. You can even be asked about your blood type in a job interviewing! People with blood type 0 are often described as a focused, committed, organized, conscientious, responsible and practical. It is believed they have better sense of orientation and they are better at doing logic stuff. It is also believed that this comes from the fact that their ancestors were hunters who had to constantly observe and accurately estimate the environment in order to be able to survive.
Stress can often be caused by hyperactivity and excessive anger. People with blood type 0 are more prone to destructive behavior when they are too tired, too depressed or bored. This destructive behavior can include seeking excitement, risk-taking, gambling and impulsivity. They need to avoid both alcohol and caffeine. Caffeine can be particularly harmful to these people because it raises adrenaline and noradrenaline levels, which are naturally high in people with blood type 0.
Exercising is very critical because it has relaxing effect on the entire body. More than any other blood type, blood type 0 people need to be physically active in order to maintain emotional stability and good overall health. Exercising from three to four times a week is required.
For gaining the best results, blood type 0-people need to practice aerobic exercises for 30 to 45 minutes at least four times in a week.
Set you plans clear on what your goals are. No matter if you exercise annually, monthly, weekly or daily the important thing is avoiding impulsive reactions.
People with blood type 0 need to consume all meals, and even snacks, sitting at the table. Also make sure to chew slowly and be relaxed while eating.
Also, try avoiding spending money and/or making big decisions when you are under lot of stress. If you have excess weight, you surely need to exercise. Exercise 30 to 45 minutes. Aerobic exercises are highly recommended for at least four times a week.


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