After hearing kitten cries coming from a restaurant exhaust duct, owners recruited volunteers to save them.

Restaurant owners in India received the surprise of a lifetime when they heard the distressed cries of kittens in an exhaust duct. With no sign of their mother, restaurant employees called Udaipur, India’s Animal Aid Unlimited for assistance with a rescue.Volunteers, of course, were happy to oblige the request.

The kittens, clearly having been born within the metal ventilation pipe, were trapped – helpless, cold, and hungry. Without a fast rescue, they would surely die, so rescuers went to the extreme. Cutting a hole in the metal, Animal Aid Unlimited volunteers pulled each kitten, one by one, from the duct, placing them within a basket. 

While the first kitten removed from the duct was covered in dirt and dust, all of the kittens were skinny and hungry, with two being severely hypothermic and in critical condition. A good cleaning, a lot of warmth, and many bottle-feedings later, however, and all five kittens (two tabbies and three gingers) are back to their playful selves, tottering about, learning to use the litterbox, and distracting their human mom from her work.

Watch the harrowing rescue (and subsequent happy recovery) of this furry quintet here. We dare you not to coo when you see these cuties at play!



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