It would really upset you if you knew all the things that are happening in your body when you are under a lot of stress. It is really hard to avoid stress these days. We have more and more obligations every day and even a busier schedule.

Stress can be devastating for you and can also impact your immunity. It can also cause obesity. The connection between blood sugar, chronic stress and belly fat is not a new discovery.The level of insulin increase when stressed, so this activates the merciless metabolic dysfunction which leads to insulin resistance and then diabetes and weight gain.
When you are stressed, adrenaline and cortisol hormones are released. They stream through your system and increase your blood pressure, raise the heart rate, increase the possibility of blood clotting, damage your memory center, increase belly fat and largely devastate your body.


Taken by our daily activities, we often forget to have breakfast. Many times we take a muffin with our coffee instead of having a healthy breakfast. The caffeine and the sugar found in these products increase certain hormones that cause stress.

Managing Stress Through Diet

Eating properly is of crucial importance in avoiding stress. When you eat natural, real foods, you reestablish the balance between  insulin, cortisol, and other hormones.
When you stop consuming refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and eat regularly you will maintain consistency during the day even when things become chaotic.
You should eat foods that contain protein, healthy fats, vegetables, non-gluten grains and berries. Food controls your metabolism, gene expression and hormones. By eating the proper food you balance your blood sugar, improve hormonal balance, and diminish the damage caused by stress.

Reduce Stress with these Simple, Powerful Techniques

Stress is not real, it is just a thought, a concept of threat. We are supposed to have complete control over stress but that is not possible because it is something that happens inside of us.

We can be stressed over something that is real or something that is in our imagination. It happens when our thoughts become unstable. Whether it is real or we have imagined it, it takes its toll on the body.

Take a look at 13 techniques of reducing stress:
  1. Tap
Tapping is a combination of modern psychology and  Chinese acupressure.
  1. Find the causes of stress
By changing your body, you can change your mind. Find the natural cause of your problems..
  1. Actively relax
Humans are always active. Even when our body is inactive our mind continues the activity.  Drinking beer or watching TV is not the best solution. You should find something that will relax you, like taking deep breaths or taking a walk.
  1. Learn new skills
Learn activities such as biofeedback and yoga or take a long hot bath, get a massage, make love, walk in the woods, watch a sunset or go to the beach.
  1. Do exercise
Exercise helps your body to reduce stress and at the same time you are burning calories and you are a step closer to losing weight.
  1. Supplement
Get a multivitamin and nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, the B-complex vitamins, magnesium in order to balance your response to stress.
  1. Try Herbs
Use herbs, which can help you balance the stress response, such as ashwagandha, ginseng, Rhodiolarosea, and cordyceps.
  1. Use Heat Therapy
Take a bath or visit sauna to help your body to relax.
  1. Change Your Point of View
Revalue your attitudes, beliefs, and the way you react to everyday situations
  1. Find a healthy environment
Spend your time with relatives and friends that you feel comfortable being around.
  1. Breathe
The relaxation nerve, which goes through the diaphragm, is activated with every single breath you take. Take a few deep breaths and see how you feel afterwards.
  1. Meditate
Use meditation and relaxation techniques in order to reduce stress.
  1. Sleep
Getting enough sleep is of great importance. You should have 8 hours of sleep.


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