Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is still commonly used to treat various illnesses and medical conditions. Practitioners of TCM believe that the balance and rhythm of your yin and yang effect your body in multiple ways. This includes the disruption of sleep and sleep related problems.

By using simple TCM techniques, you may be able to get relief from your sleep problems. With TCM, it is believed that yin and yang have a direct impact on your sleep patterns. When you sleep, yin is dominant. When you are active, yang is dominant. For this reason, TCM practitioners believe that insomnia is a result of a yin/yang disruption.
Use the following techniques to help you fall asleep in 10 minutes.

Five Causes of Insomnia

With TCM, there are believed to be five different possible causes that result in insomnia. By determining with symptom you are suffering from, you can determine how to treat your sleep problems.

#1 – Liver Stagnation

TCM practitioners believe that Qi stagnation is the result of angry outbursts. You may experience headaches, eye pressure increases, higher blood pressure, or even tinnitus – a ringing in the ears. If you notice any of these symptoms, you may be experiencing liver stagnation.
For people suffering from liver stagnation, the traditional medicinal treatment is to make tea with chrysanthemum flowers and peppermint leaves. This should improve the flow of Qi in your liver and allow you to get more rest.

#2 – Increased Amount of Phlegm

If you have been experiencing indigestion, stomach pains, or acid reflux, you may be suffering from phlegm heat. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that these symptoms are the result of over-indulgence in food and irregular eating habits. This can lead to additional Qi stagnation.
To treat phlegm issues, try eating some tangerine peels. This may help alleviate stomach discomforts related to indigestion and other digestive problems that may cause Qi stagnation.

#3 – Heart and Spleen Deficiency

If you are having difficulty falling asleep, difficulty remembering things, or experiencing gastrointestinal problems, then you may have a heart and spleen deficiency. This occurs when the spleen fails to absorb the required nutrients to provide the heart with “Shen”.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the cure for this condition would be to eat pork rib soup with Chinese yams.

#4 – Heart and Kidney Disharmony

Heart and kidney disharmony is often the result of a disruption of yin and yang. The most common symptoms include heart palpitations, tinnitus, night sweats, and giddiness. To correct this problem, make a tea with Dendrobium. Double boil the tea for three hours and then sprinkle a dash of cinnamon powder before drinking.

#5 – Heat and Gallbladder Qi Deficiency

The final condition that may be leading to your sleep problems is a Qi deficiency of your heart and gallbladder. If you feel jittery, experience heart palpitations, or a shortness of breath, you may be dealing with this problem. To cure this issue, cook porridge with Chinese dates cooked into it.
Use these TCM techniques to treat your insomnia. Look over the symptoms of the five different causes of insomnia, to discover how they can be treated through traditional Chinese medicine.



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