It doesn’t matter how hard we try, the fat in the stomachis always there? That’s maybe because you employ these seven bad habits.
In order to remove the belly fat, you must do the opposite of everything that you read in the text below.

1. You drink sodas regularly!

Only 1 to 2 cups of soda a day causes 5 times faster creation of belly fat than those who drink juices from fresh fruit. The banned category certainly includes “diet” soft drinks.

2. You eat in very big plate!

Always be careful of the plate when you eat. When you eat in a large plate you always feel that you ate less, compared with a small but crowded plate.

3. You eat to late in the night!

While it’s true that the fat is burned during our sleep, going in bed with a full stomach will not help the fat-burning. Dangers of difficult digestion are larger, and thus depositing of the unburned fat.

4. You eat when you are upset angry or sad,!

So when you want to calm down with a food, always remember that in that moment you are angry and  not hungry,. Instead of having a fast meal, drink water or juice, talk to friends or go outside.

5. You regularly eat low fat products

Some people are under the misapprehension that all fat products cause an accumulation of fat. The truth is very different. For egg. the avocados and the olive oil are actually excellent for reducing  fat.
Products with low fat usually are packed with sugar, so discard them from the menu from today.

6. You lack of sleep!

For adults and active people seven to nine hours of sleep each night is recommended. If you don’t sleep enough, the levels of cortisol will increase, and thus the need for unhealthy foods that will give you a comfort.

7. You don’t consume enough protein!

The adults should consume 20 to 25 grams of protein per meal, but it depends on how active you are and what’s your weight. If you increase the amount of proteins you’ll balance the blood sugar levels and reduce insulin levels, because the metabolism will speed up.


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