The palette is and remains something like the Swiss army knife for hobby carpenters. Nothing is so versatile and adaptable as these little transport helpers made out of wood and nails. When you are lucky and able to find a reliable source of disused palettes (new ones are a tad bit more expensive) then the world of home and yard design is wide open to you. Today we are going to show you how you can make an amazing summer lounge out of palettes. To relax, bathe in the sun, get together, and celebrate. Your summer will be unforgettable, guaranteed.

And here, as a little appetizer, is the finished product. Well, want to see more…?!?


To begin, a little diagram is very helpful. Here you can judge how many palettes you’ll need. In our example (a 4 meter by 6 meter terrace or 14 foot by 20 foot) this was the list of materials needed:

  • 20 pallets size 100 x 120 cm for floor
  • 3 pallets size 100 x 120 cm for table
  • 12 pallets size 80 x 120 cm for bench
  • 8 pallets size 100 x 120 cm for high fence
  • And a few cut-off pallets for lower fence. 
Using an angle grinder and some sandpaper, smooth out the worst irregularities. You don’t want any splinters in your rear, right?

Then it’s time: fire away with the paint! Using a spray gun, it goes super fast and easily. But, naturally it can be done the old fashion way with brushes. Perfect job for the kids. ;)

White is simply the best summer color. It shines brightly and is perfect for matching with other colors.

Time for a break: let everything dry out!

Garden fleece works perfectly as an underlay for the summer lounge. It’ll keep plants from growing up out of the gaps and rain water won’t collect underneath.

The first layer of palettes are first laid out on a surface of 4x6 meters to build the floor.

Then the back and side walls, as well as this comfortable little seating corner.

It’s slowly starting to take shape, huh? Looks really classy!

Here is a closeup of how the walls are fastened. All you need are a couple metal rods and some wire to tie everything together. But you can naturally just take some simple nails and a trusty hammer to keep the whole thing nice and sturdy.

Sawn-apart palettes function as a nice fence for the front. Later it’ll be framed with some nice greenery.

And when everything is all set up, it’s time to decorate. Colorful pillows and a few cushions for seating are just the beginning.

A few plants lend the whole thing some wonderful natural color.

And that is how the finished product will look: inviting, comfortable, and colorful.

Your new favorite spot for the whole summer. Whether for breakfast…

…Or extended lolling in the sun…



…or for a nice drink with friends.



Everyone will be totally stoked.

And in the evening, when the sun goes down, candles provide the perfect cuddly atmosphere.

Send out your invitations for the next cocktail party now. The best seats will be gone in no time…

Have fun with your new favorite hangout spot for the summer!

You really want to get to hammering now after seeing these pictures! Some craftsmanship certainly wouldn’t hurt. I mean, why else have men in the house (or as friends) ;-). But actually, the construction isn’t rocket science at all. Anyone could do it. Just use it for inspiration and build your own summer lounge as you like!
Share this great idea with all your friends. They’ll be just as stoked as you.


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