This little girl was invited to dance at the International Zumba Convention, and it is absolutely amazing watching her hold her own against top level Zumba instructors!
This is so cute watching little 6-year-old Audrey rock out Zumba style while staying totally in sync with the routine. Beyond being the star of the show, her purpose was also to bring awareness to Diamond Blackfan Anemia which Audrey suffers from.
Sadly, Audrey is often in pain with limited amounts of energy due to the disease. But to counter that she has been dancing for a long time and is very much into Zumba as you’ll see. She’s performed in her own videos which have gone viral, and now she gets to take center stage and participate in this huge Zumba event. Her performance will definitely bring awareness to this bone marrow disease and hopefully more money will be donated towards research. Let’s hope someday a cure to this disease will be discovered. Watch Audrey take the house down with her amazing performance.



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