At 4 years of age, Sun Bin was abducted while in one vegetable market within China. The abduction devastated his parents who put their day to day activities aside to search for him. The mother visited nearby provinces and cities searching for him and posters of the missing child were posted everywhere. Unluckily, in 1996, his mother was became a victim of cancer and met her death in 2011.
While reporting to one Chinese news source named Xinhua, Sun’s father (Sun Youhong) said that his wife always murmured the name of their son days before she died. She had always looked forward to finding their sun one day.
Child trafficking is considered a lucrative business in China since far too many adoptive parents are looking for healthy babies. Since the family’s name is carried by the male child, their demand is quite high. A recent trafficking ring bust carried out by the police rescued 37 newborn babies. The price tag of each baby was $13,000.
Sun Bin must have undergone through this and always felt that the parents he was living with were not biological but was not courageous enough to ask. The desire to know the truth forced him to visit the local police station and drop a DNA sample. That was when he was 28 years of age in October 2014.
Later on, he was given a call by the police once they found a match. It was later on proved that he was purchased from child traffickers by his adoptive parents.
Although four years had passed since his mother had passed away, the dream of the family being reunited with their son came true.
Sin Bin was full of tears when he finally reunited with his biological family on 13thJanuary 2015. Has happy to meet his younger sister who he never knew existed in the first place!
The video below presents a series of tear-jerking photos featuring the whole story.


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